Meeting the Need for Quick, Convenient Health Care

The need for convenient, walk-in health care is something most parents face. When Rick Krieger experienced that need first-hand, it got him thinking about the retail health care center that became MinuteClinic.

On a wintry weekend in 1999, Krieger took his sick son to an urgent care center in Minneapolis. The boy needed a strep throat test and, after a two-hour wait, finally got one. After that, Krieger knew there had to be a quicker, more convenient way.

Brainstorm: Quick, Convenient, Inexpensive

A year later, Krieger and partners Douglas Smith, M.D., Steve Pontius and Kevin Smith, RN, FNP had founded QuickMedx (the retail health care centers that became MinuteClinic).

The first health care centers opened in Minneapolis-St. Paul area Cub Foods stores in May 2000. They focused on seven common medical conditions: Strep throat, mono, flu, female bladder infections, ear infections, sinus infections and pregnancy testing. Patients paid cash - and much less than at urgent care, emergency or other health care centers.

Now, after more than a million patient visits, surveys reveal 99 percent customer satisfaction. Since its launch, MinuteClinic has helped uninsured individuals, self-insured employers, and health insurance companies substantially reduce the costs of health care. In addition to saving millions of dollars, the walk-in health care clinic also has saved countless hours of wasted time.

Walk-in Convenience Leads to Aggressive Expansion

The demand for walk-in convenience led to quick growth, with several large employers asking their health plans to include QuickMedx in their networks. With the addition of insurance coverage and a few other improvements, QuickMedx became MinuteClinic in December 2002.

The improved business took off and MinuteClinic began to establish clinics in various locations. To date, hosts have included Cub Foods, QFC, malls, corporate and government offices, and CVS/pharmacy stores. Today, MinuteClinic is the pioneer and largest provider of retail health care in the United States, primarily located inside select CVS/pharmacy stores.

The company's aggressive national growth plans mean we hope to have a MinuteClinic health care center near you soon. Check Locations to see if we're in your neighborhood yet.

Minute Clinic

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Top-Quality Care

MinuteClinic moves the treatment of common illness forward while adhering to the same principles as traditional health care centers. Thanks to our innovations and safeguards, quick and convenient health care comes with the top-quality care you might expect from your doctor's office, urgent care center or emergency room.

The innovations and safeguards that MinuteClinic uses to ensure quality care include focused treatment, qualified clinicians, quality control and adherence to national clinical practice guidelines.

Focused Treatment

Our approach to focused treatment means we concentrate on the common illnesses with which we can help you the most. That focus also alerts us when we can't help, letting us quickly and safely refer you to the health care center that can best address your concern.

Qualified Clinicians

Top-quality health care depends on clinicians that are thoughtful, caring and, above all, qualified. To ensure it delivers top-quality health care, MinuteClinic hires only the most qualified clinicians. Our masters prepared nurse practitioners and physician assistants possess the licenses, certifications and clinical experience that ensure effective treatment of your common illnesses.

Quality Control

Top-quality health care depends on strict quality control. And, at the heart of MinuteClinic's quality control is our Electronic Medical Records system. Guided by our proprietary software, our Electronic Medical Records system ensures that procedures are followed consistently. It guards against mistakes. And, it alerts practitioners when a condition should be referred elsewhere.

Accreditation from The Joint Commission

MinuteClinic is the first and only retail health care organization to be accredited by The Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO), the national evaluation and certifying agency for nearly 15,000 health care organizations and programs in the United States.

National Clinical Practice Guidelines

Following established national clinical practice guidelines is another way MinuteClinic works to deliver consistent and top-quality health care. As a patient, you can be confident that your treatment is based on the most current medical research and best practices.

920 Second Avenue South, Suite 400
Minneapolis Minnesota 55402
United States

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